Who Says Easter Baskets Are Just for Kids?

Some may associate the Easter basket as kids only, but who says adults can’t enjoy an Easter basket? And for that matter, who says your dog can’t receive an Easter basket? It’s time to crush the Easter basket kids-only stereotype and have some fun this spring.

First, let’s cover the basic components of a classic Easter basket and how you can put an untraditional spin on these delightful springtime goodies:

  • Choose a basket: Use a traditional loop-handle Easter basket and tie a bow around the left side of the handle, or use a bowl-shaped woven basket, a rustic wooden basket, or a wide flower vase to hold all of your Easter treats. We love the Recycled Magazine Bowls by Two’s Company for their hints of color, classic shape, and diversity—not to mention this basket can be used after Easter for holding fruit, makeup supplies, or anything else you can think of.

    Recycled Bowls

    Recycled Bowls

  • Lay your basket base down: Fill the bottom of the basket with thinly shredded recycled paper from a grocery bag, a magazine, or a newspaper, or place a bed of faux grass down to serve as a creative cushion for your basket items.
  • Accent your basket with a small item you’ve made: Purchase some origami paper and create birds, chicks, butterflies, flowers, bunnies, or anything else Easter oriented, and secure them onto the basket or place them on top of the items in your basket. If you’re not sending the Easter basket via mail, you can decorate the basket with more fragile items including painted eggs or eggs you decorate to look like baby chicks situated in a twig nest.
  • Add a little sweet treat: Add some peeps, pastel-colored cupcakes you make, chocolate bunnies, or minichocolate eggs as a tiny sweet treat to satisfy sugar cravings.

Items suggested for an Easter basket for Mommies-to-Be:

  • Zebi Bag of Burpies: This adorable sinimay pouch features a plush Jellycat stuffed animal with a set of five organic cotton burp cloths for babies. We suggest the Easter-oriented Pink Bunny Zebi Bag of Burpies.
  • Erbaviva Baby Gift Box: Nestled in a mound of shoestring hay are three delightful natural Erbaviva organic baby products that will not only make your baby soft to the touch but will also make them comfortable and happy. The products included in the Erbaviva Organic Baby Gift Box include Organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm, olive oil-infused Baby Shampoo, and Baby Lotion scented with mandarin and chamomile.
    Bunny - Bag of Burpies

    Bunny - Bag of Burpies

Items suggested for an Easter basket for your (30-year-old) daughter:

  • Deep Steep Bubble Bath: Infused with sensual aromas, essential oils, vitamins E and B5, organic aloe, olive, hawthorne, barley grass, and rosehips, the Deep Steep Bubble Bath is the ultimate accent to a stress-free and rejuvenating bath session. The bubble bath comes in three scents including lavender-chamomile, tangerine-melon, and rosemary-mint. And as another plus, the label of the Deep Steep Bubble Bath is accented with light pastel colors that will match perfectly with the other items in the Easter basket.
  • John Ritzenthaler Co. Loofah Scrubbers: Playful and colorful, these kitchenware scrubbers are the perfect mother-to-daughter gift. Your daughter will appreciate the childlike look of these adorable John Ritzenthaler Co. Loofah Scrubbers and love its durability. We suggest purchasing the carrot, flower, or butterfly loofah for a warm spring feel.  

Items suggested for an Easter basket for your pup or cat:

  • Molly Mutt Your Hand in Mine Dog Bed Cover: Designed for the lounge-loving pup, the Molly Mutt Your Hand in Mine Dog Bed Cover provides your dog with a soft and comfortable place to rest, while simultaneously adding a stylish decorative accent to any room. The cover is durable, washable, and preshrunk and comes in three different sizes.
  • West Paw Barn Mouse: Made from durable faux suede and silk, the adorable West Paw Barn Mouse cat play toy is arguably the chicest one on the market. With long curled ears, tufts of whiskers, a leather tail, and a button nose, this jingling cat toy is USDA certified-organic catnip.
  • Barn Mouse - filled wit catnip!

    Barn Mouse - filled wit catnip!

What are your crafty ideas for the ultimate Easter basket? We’d love to hear them in our comments section.