When the Clouds Part, the Sun Shines Through

This post is the second of two posts focused on seeking and finding life balance.   In our first post, we asked “what is life about?” and discussed why it is important to create a healthy balance in life.  In today’s post,  we focus on the value and benefits of living life in balance.  Be sure to read the first post, What is Life Really About?

Once you decide to enjoy life more, something very exciting starts to occur.  Your outlook on life in general seems more optimistic and there’s a spring in your step.  You smile more and notice that others smile back.  Life tastes sweeter and takes on a more appealing direction.  When you make the conscious decision to attract positive changes in your life, you open the door to infinite possibilities.

The mind is a sly thing.  It plays the trickiest games and conjures up devious scenarios of the worst kinds – but only if we allow it to; because you see, as well as being quite crafty at pulling at our strings of misery, the mind is also our gateway to sublime happiness.  You only need the will to invite it in to be on your way to a healthier state of mind and being.

Life is really complicated, there’s no doubt about it.  Some people do it really tough and living through each day takes true strength of character and effort; somehow though, they pull themselves through their circumstances and emerge on the other side victorious.  Hope is a powerful source of strength which motivates us to seek alternatives for a better outcome.  Somewhere inside, we all strive for better and when we assess our own personal situations, we find that there is always room for improvement; but that is where most of us get stuck – how do we go about making these positive changes?

Like anything in life, positive change must start with a positive attitude and a plan for change.  If we liken change to a chocolate cake, then we would need to start with really good basic ingredients and build it up step by step, until we can finally put a luscious chocolate ganache on top.  Then all we need to do is serve ourselves a big slice and savour its awesomeness.  Yes, things take time and sometimes progress is slow, but if you are willing to move forward, life will be a lot more delicious.

Self-contentment evades us sometimes – such is life, but it is important not to lose sight of the destination.  Keeping a clear goal in mind and re-affirming your chosen path over and over will keep you focusing on the task ahead.  Go on, live.  Do what makes you happy for a change. Why not try something new? Wear your hair differently, learn to dance the tango, take up French lessons, plant a garden, pay someone a compliment, pick up the phone and make that call, opt for eco-friendly products, complain less, donate to charity, say ‘no’ once in a while – anything that you wish, but make it a positive contribution to your life and to others’ lives.  Doing what you truly love releases your inner-self and when free, it soars high and shows in your smile.

Do you ever notice the parallels between nature and humans?  Plant a seed in fertile soil and it will grow tall.  Starve it of light and water and it will wither away, but with a little sun and moisture, it becomes stronger than ever and eventually blossom into a beautiful flower.  Our soul needs nourishment also and we should nurture it just like a delicate bloom.  Feed your ambitions, fuel your passions, fire up the hearth of your soul and open up those dark shutters.  Allow your emotions to cleanse the doubts you have about yourself.  Only you know you best, and therefore you are the only one in charge of your destiny.  The choices you make every step of the way will determine the outcome.  For those of us fortunate enough to have good friends and people we can count on, decisions come a little easier.  Having those we love and respect around us promotes our sense of self-worth and happiness and we must also nurture these relationships.

Though we may feel as if we are caught up in an awful storm, remember; when the rain finally stops, the clouds will part and you will once again feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face; and that warmth is the hope you carried in your heart all along.