What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Upcycling DIYs

One easy way to go green is to reuse and recycle. The process of “upcycling” is basically taking something old and transforming it in some way to use it again. Here are a few upcycling DIYs we found on Pinterest that we thought were pretty awesome:

1. Upholstered Chair Upcycle with Fabric Spray Paint. Warning: I don’t know much about fabric spray paint, so you might want to research what kinds of chemicals are inside before using and putting in your home. Having said that, it’s pretty awesome for using on old furniture if you can’t afford (or don’t know how to) reupholster:

2. Upcycle Wine Bottles into Lanterns.

3. Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls. This is pure genius because you go through so many and can use them for fun decor!

4. Old Coffee Can Indoor Garden:

What have you found on Pinterest and DIY?! Share your photos with us!