What is Life Really About?

This post is the first of two posts focused on seeking and finding life balance.   Today we ask “what is life about?” and discuss why it is important to create a healthy balance in life.  In our next article, we focus on the value and benefits of living life in balance.

When the culminations of our busy lives converge into one monstrous overwhelming force, it can throw us off course for a little while.  The barriers of control crack and our aching minds go into overload.  How we long for a single moment’s peace.  Stress – you can feel it rising within with every pounding heartbeat, waiting to burst out in a loud cry saying “enough is enough!”  What are we so preoccupied with that we cannot spare a moment for ourselves?  Why is it that there is never enough time in the day to do all that we want to do?  We take on so much and give so much of ourselves that eventually, we feel like empty shells.  How did life get so complicated?

Dividing time between work, family life, friends, pets, exercise, caring for others and other commitments means that there is no slice of the pie left for us and inevitably, we miss out on our personal needs.  We shrug it all off and promise that we will take some time out ‘next time’, but it never happens.  All the while, your mind quietly continues to crave for some sweet tranquillity until it simply cannot stand it anymore, and it crumbles a little bit each day.  If we search inside, we may find that what we want from life may be different from what we need from life; and this eternal quest brings us to the question: What is it exactly that we need to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives?

Most of us are bound by a common thread which is often a heavy load to bear – having to ‘work for a living’ or should it be ‘living well in order to work’? For without a healthy mind and body, everything else fades into non-existence.  We get caught up in daily life mostly in preparation for the future, so that when we get there one day, it will all be ready for us to simply lay back and relax.  We fastidiously plan, organise our finances, commit to huge mortgages, save for that special holiday or car – we want to do and experience it all; and while we are doing so, time ticks away.  Years pass sometimes as if we were in a dream and still we feel like we are not doing enough.  The truth is the only true existence is right now.  It is where you are and where you are meant to be, for at some point in time, the clock will stop to tick and all the plans will cease to be.

Creating a healthy balance in life is the key to our emotional and psychological well-being.  A strong mind will tackle problems like a good quarterback – slam ‘em down as they appear.  Part of that balance is to reconnect with the physical and spiritual world around us.  Being out and about in nature makes us feel connected to the earth because it is where we come from.  Wide open spaces make us feel free.  Vivid colours revive our tired eyes and bring about a sense of joy and love.  Enjoyment of life is about surrounding ourselves with people and the comforts which make us happy.  Grab a friend and go for a walk, feast your eyes on the beauty that is Mother Nature.  Regain that sense of curiosity and wonderment you once had when you were a child, like looking up at the sky, imagining dragons and elephants made of cotton clouds, or the sweet ephemeral scent of a garden in bloom.  Feel the rush of fresh air filling your lungs with every breath and the worries of the world easing away slowly.

Clearing the clutter of our minds is so important to maintain clear focus on the really essential things in life – family, friends, love and general personal contentment.  Ambition brings about a different type of happiness.  Though you feel your life may not be too bad at the moment, do you find yourself yearning for something more?  So many ‘if only’ moments plague our minds, draining our hearts of hope.  It needn’t be so.  There truly is something mysteriously magical when you are one with Mother Nature.  Walking and thinking whilst enjoying everything she has on offer seems to evaporate those niggling troubles which we give so much importance to and re-organise our priorities.

Why not plan a day out somewhere you have not been to before.  Feel the excitement of living again and do so often.  Let nature be your refuge when the human world gets too much to deal with and discover what living a simple and happy life is really about.