Viva Erbaviva! Great natural and Organic Skincare for Your Baby

Erbaviva’s story is an inspirational one which stems from the love of two parents for their child.  Like any good parents, Chris Brown and his wife Anna Cirronis wanted to provide their beautiful baby with the very best that money could buy.  However, they were quickly disheartened at the rows of chemical-filled products on the supermarket shelves; and to their amazement they could not find anything which did not contain any synthetic materials.  Out of necessity, they started creating their own concoctions with natural essential oils to care for their baby’s sensitive skin.

Fifteen years on, Erbaviva has become a household name and is a worthy success story.  Their range of fabulous organic baby products has gone from strength to strength.  They have a following of devoted mums and dads who cannot sing their praises enough, because Erbaviva’s products deliver what they promise.  If the best advertisement is word of mouth then a lot of people worldwide have been using Erbaviva’s products and talking about the fantastic results.  All of their products are ideal for all skin types and it is refreshing to see a list of ingredients you actually know such as Lavender Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Chamomile.  They proudly wear the USDA Certified Organic logo on their label and seek only the purest natural ingredients to care for all babies.

Erbaviva’s assortment of products for sweet little munchkins makes the perfect organic baby gifts.  Putting a selection of various products together as a ‘starter baby hamper’ is a thoughtful and caring gift for a friend and their precious little one.  Organic baby gifts of course are not limited to only newborn babies; they make wonderful birthday gifts or Christmas gifts and are great at any stage of a child’s life.  At Charleston Naturally, you will find lots of interesting things to add to your hamper such as cute toys made of natural fibre, books, and other exclusive items.

Erbaviva’s philosophy of embracing all that is completely natural and renouncing all that is remotely synthetic has resonated with millions of people everywhere.  A thriving company which started out as two ordinary people with a dream of caring for kids everywhere is proof that the demand for natural and organic products is higher than ever.  Erbaviva operates as an eco-friendly company and their manufacturing plant runs on a renewable power source; their trucks use bio-diesel to minimize their carbon footprints.  As an ethical company they also believe in giving back to the community.  Fifteen percent of sales from their selected products are donated to the ‘Worldwide Orphans Foundation’ – a non-profit organization assisting orphans around the world with education, building of schools and providing social support networks in their community.  This great organization also assists orphans living with HIV to receive care and medical treatment.

So you see, using Erbaviva products gives you much more than just fantastic clean and fresh skin care or great organic baby gifts.  They represent something much nobler.  Your happy baby will look and feel great on the outside and you will feel good on the inside that you are making a difference in the life of a less fortunate child somewhere else in our world.  As with other great natural and organic companies, Erbaviva’s range is constantly improving and evolving to provide their consumers with optimum products.  Make a better choice for your baby today and he/she will enjoy the immense health benefits in the future.