Tuesday’s Green Initiative: Biking

In the interest of going green, we are going to begin featuring green initiatives from around the country. We hope it will help inspire our readers to create green initiatives in their own lives or help these organizations achieve their goals. We must keep the interest of the environment and our health at the forefront of our minds. It is why Sharon Harvey started Charleston Naturally; she wanted to offer products that were safe for the consumer and the world.

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Today’s green initiative is biking. If you travel to a place like Amsterdam, you’re struck by the huge amount of two-wheeled traffic. That’s because the city sees the convenience and health benefits for its people and the environmental pluses. That’s why Amsterdam is extremely bike-friendly. However, you don’t have to venture to another continent to find people on bikes. Like this article on Bike Charleston’s blog mentions, New York City has taken several measures to expand biking in New York because of its tourists. Charleston also thrives on tourism and I love their idea of expanding bike lanes around the city for tourists to enjoy… not to mention the locals.

So check out Bike Charleston or other bike-friendly organizations around the country to get involved. Biking is not only great for your health; it’s a better form of transportation for the environment. Added bonus: biking boosts endorphins to ward off mid-winter blues.