The Most Important Organic Skin Care Product

At Charleston Naturally, we often get asked which product is the most important for your skin.  And the truth is that everyone is different.  Some people don’t need three moisturizers, or eye serum, or foundation.  For the most part, though, we are able to give everyone this advice: wear organic sunscreen.  You may think that you don’t need to wear sunscreen now that autumn is back and the sun isn’t at its most powerful, but that is just plain wrong.  You need to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB/infrared rays every day.  If you just can’t stand the thought of putting another product into your morning routine, look for the organic moisturizers that have an SPF of at least 20.

Sunscreen recently made the news when the FDA released new regulations about their labels.  When studies were conducted, a majority of sunscreen did not in fact offer as much protection as they claimed.  Then the predominant goal was to educate the public on how to better arm themselves against sun damage and dangerous cancers like melanoma.  However, chemical sunscreens can often penetrate the skin and cause hormonal issues–the last thing you want in your skin care routine.

So stick to the natural stuff.  It’s just as protective as the chemical stuff, but it’s gentle on your skin.  The Environmental Working Group says, “mineral sunscreens have the best safety profile of today’s choices.  They are stable in sunlight and do not appear to penetrate the skin.  They [also] offer UVA protection, which is sorely lacking in most of today’s sunscreen products.”  We have a variety of organic daily moisturizers with SPF as well as good old fashioned natural sunscreen to help protect you and your family.