The Art of Gift-Giving

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The art of gift-giving is a delicate one. Gift-giving helps define your association and bonds to other people. It also strengthens relationships. The history of gift-giving is as long as civilization itself. In ancient cultures, people gave gifts to their tribal leaders to show loyalty and affection. They tried to fashion unique gifts from natural materials such as bark, wood, and reeds. So, the first gifts were organic gifts!

A well-chosen present is a thoughtful expression of appreciation and affection. Think about some of the best gifts you have ever received. They are usually things you would never have bought for yourself, or something that utterly surprised you, or something that evoked memories of an earlier time.

Being a good gift-giver is more about your attitude and how much attention you are paying to those around you than anything else. If you see buying presents for other people as a chore or an unpleasant task, then you probably won’t be very good at it. If, however, you see it as a chance to demonstrate your caring and fondness for someone, then you are starting from the correct place.

The biggest thing you must do is resist the temptation to buy for yourself. You are trying to fulfill your recipient’s desires, not your own. This is not the opportunity to point out all the ways the recipient’s life is lacking or to try to improve them. You are not trying to force your value system onto the recipient.

Organic gifts are a perfect example of this. Some people shy away from giving organic gifts because they fear it will make too much of a statement and insult the recipient. But the fact is that you can find tons of organic gifts that are just great to have and would be pleasing to a recipient—whether they embrace an organic lifestyle or not.

By contrast, those who are invested in an organic lifestyle have reported that they have received gifts that were not organic. To them, this demonstrated either a lack of awareness and attentiveness on the part of the giver, or an unwillingness to purchase what the recipient would want.

Organic gifts are easy to give and easy to incorporate into what the recipient deeply desires. Organic products are widely available now. It’s easier than ever before to find organic products, which would be appropriate as presents.

If you are giving organic gifts to someone who does not share your passion for organic living, simply give them something you know they would want—organic or not. When you present the gift, do not make mention of its organic feature. Merely give the gift and let the recipient discover on her own that their beloved item is indeed organic. Let it be a bonus.

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