Introducing sibu Beauty


Charleston Naturally is pleased to welcome a new brand to our store, Sibu Beauty. From Liquid supplements to Hydrating Serum’s, Sibu Beauty offers an amazing, natural product line that has been recognized by Doctor. Oz and the Dali Lama

Sibu’s secret ingredient is the Sea Buckthorn plant. The plant grows a vibrant orange berry, which thrives in some wickedly harsh climates in the Himalayan Mountains. The local people, who live in Tibet, harvest these berries, puree them, and then send them to the United States to be made into various beauty products for the brand.

Sibu has also set up Fair Trade Operations with the local villagers, to make sure that they were harvesting the best of the best of this rich, mighty berry, all while doing so in the most eco-friendly and economical way. Sibu knows that the harvesting of this berry provides an income for the indigenous people of the Himalayan Mountains, and even though the harvest period is only a few short weeks, the villagers can survive off of the money they make throughout the entire winter season.

Sibu products are jam packed with nutrients that help rejuvenate the body inside and out. The berries are a miracle for hair, skin and nails because of the many antioxidants it contains, as well as fatty acids like Omega 7.

We are thrilled to start offering Sibu to our amazing clients and new followers. We hope you become a big fan just like us.