Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it can be a feat trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one that doesn’t involve jewelry or extravagant dinners—although that would be a nice bonus. Give her a gift that reduces her stress, makes her feel great, rejuvenates her senses, and induces relaxation. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

We believe pampering yourself and your loved one is the key to feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Below are our team’s top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Deep Steep Bath Tea: With the relaxing aromas of lavender and chamomile, the Deep Steep Bath Tea is the ultimate stress-reducing bath component. Formulated with sea salts, herbs, and essential oils, this aromatherapy bath tea works to revitalize skin cells, moisturize, sooth discomforts and aches, and reduce tension in the mind and body.

Deep Steep Bath Tea

Deep Steep Bath Tea

Deep Steep Body Lotion: The ultimate complement to the Deep Steep Bath Tea, this soothing soy body lotion boosts your skin’s natural ability to rehydrate with detoxifying organic herbal extracts. Chemical, preservative, and paraben free, Deep Steep body lotion is comprised of nature’s finest elements including organic oils, butters, and vitamins. You can also purchase the Deep Steep Spa Travel set, which contains a miniature bubble bath, body wash, polish, lotion, butter, and moisture stick.

Deep Steep Body Lotion

Deep Steep Body Lotion

BsaB Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Extracted from plants, these 100% pure, and undiluted essential oils are the perfect way to disperse relaxing aromas into the air. Whether enjoying a bubble bath or relaxing with a book, the subliminal scents of the essential oils help the mind and body to relax. Oils can be used in an essential oil dish or diffuser. She can also add the essential oils to her bathtub. Simply add a few drops to a spoonful of milk, and pour into the bath water (the milk prevents the essential oils from floating on the water’s surface). The oils come in three different scents: Deep Summer, Silence, or Secrets.

BsaB Essential Oils

Nature Girl Vitamin O: Formulated from rich hazelnut oil, wild-crafted shea butter, and organic oils of Tunisian Neroli and Indian Sandalwood, Nature Girl Vitamin O moisturizes skin with a subtle and captivating scent, and enhances the look and feel of skin by adding a hint of shine to the collarbone, or wherever she chooses to apply it.

Nature Girl Vitamin O

Nature Girl Vitamin O

Stem Organics Travel Well Kit: Comprised of Gentle Cleansing Milk, Smooth Skin Exfoliant, Antioxidant Toning Infusion, and Fresh Start Serum, this essential travel kit is perfect for on-the-go skincare and for use on all skin types.

Stem Organic Travel Set

Stem Organics Travel Set

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Banish Dry Skin the Natural Way

Banish Dry Skin the Natural Way

Winter can take a toll on your body and cause skin to become dry, flaky and downright uncomfortable. Even here in Charleston we can have cool weather, that when combined with dry, indoor heat, causes my skin to look and feel like the hide of an alligator.  No kidding.

Since the skin on your body is naturally drier than facial skin, the most effective rehydration strategy is to indulge in the creamiest, heaviest lotions.

To protect and pamper your skin during the dry wintry months, look for products with butter - both in ingredients and product description. Butter is thick, hydrating, and restorative.

In your search for the right body moisturizer, you’re likely to come across body butters such as…

Shea Butter – natural fat obtained from the fruit of the karité (commonly called the Shea Tree), a tree indigenous to Africa,

Dry skin can feel like an alligator's

Aloe Butter – derived from the leaf of the aloe which is a South African Lilly-like plant,

Avocado Butter- an emollient that is high in fat and contains good-for-your-skin Vitamins A and C,

Mango Butter – from fruit kernels of the mango tree, it’s protective against UV radiation and has a slight sweet scent.

I’ve found using a combination of an exfoliant on my body (2 -3 times-a-week) plus generous use of a really great butter and oil-infused moisturizer helps keep my skin soft, healthy, and in great condition.

Scrubs and Exfoliants

Scrubs work great in the winter because scrubs and exfoliants are really the only products that will get rid of those layers of dry, dead skin from places such as elbows, knees and heels. When you choose an exfoliant, make sure you find one with super-hydrating ingredients. One of the best is ‘I LOVE ORGANIC’ by Nature Girl. Packed with a host of organic ingredients like jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil along with Vitamins A, C & E, ‘I LOVE ORGANIC’ sugar scrub is the perfect primer for body moisturizer.

Moisturize and Protect

I’m particularly fond of Nature Girl’s body balm ‘NATURE LOVE’ for a super-rich moisturizier, which comes in Lavender & Orris or Ylang Ylang subtle scents. Packed with an extra-rich and protective combination of shea butter and essential oils that hydrate, condition, and tone the skin, you won’t find anything better! On those days that a lighter lotion seems best, I reach for one of Deep Steep’s soy body lotions packed with organic oils, butters and vitamins.  Or, John Masters’ Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk (the scent is intoxicating).

So, be good to yourself and to your skin.  Find the most effective ingredients and choose organic and natural products whenever possible.  A little scrub here, a dab or two of lotion there, and you’re on your way to healthier, better looking skin.