Sun Protection Gets Fashionable

Most Americans are aware that sun can damage a person’s skin. For decades, sunblock has been our best protection. But now sun protecting clothing can also help the fight against skin cancer. recently ran a story about a new fashion trend–sun-blocking clothing.

The weave and color of a fabric determine the item’s ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF. Sun protecting clothing has been around for several years; but due to the increase in skin cancer and higher demand for sun-blocking clothing, manufacturers are now making fashionable items to protect your skin.

One of our vendors, Coolibar, was included in the story.

Michael Hubsmith, executive vice president of Coolibar, said he has noticed an increase in the level of awareness about sun-blocking clothing since Coolibar started in 2003 in Minneapolis.

Modeled after popular Australian skin-protective clothing, all Coolibar products have a UPF value of 50-plus that is guaranteed to last the life of the garment. Unlike some companies, Coolibar doesn’t sell products like bikinis that expose a large portion of the body to sun.

We carry two colors of Coolibar’s Packable Wide Brim Hat ($29.95): Natural and Tan. Whether you’re gardening, boating or just sun bathing, both hats have a four-inch brim and block 98% of UV rays. The hats are fully lined to ensure maximum sun protection, and fold for easy packing.