Suki Organic Skin Care Step-by-Step

I have combination skin that changes with the seasons. In the summertime, for instance, I need to use toner and not always moisturizer. The hot Charleston days have me sweating just as I walk to Starbucks for a coffee.  Since it has been cooler, I have been looking to integrate a nourishing product back into my routine so I can stay looking fresh.  Enter Suki skin care.

Suki Concentrated Balancing TonerSuki Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum

I have been using the Suki cleansing lotion, the balancing toner and the bio-brightening serum twice a day now and I simply love it. The bio-brightening serum has to be my favorite product.  The cleanser and toner leave my face feeling clean and fresh, but rubbing in the serum makes my skin feel clear and even. I have noticed a general improvement in the texture and tone of my skin and I’ve only been using it a week!  Nothing about the products irritate or sting my skin, even when I have a few blemishes. It’s so gentle and the fresh citrus scent of the cleanser wakes me up in the morning!

When the air gets very dry, I can definitely integrate a moisturizer into my routine after the first three steps. Right now, however, I feel like the serum is the perfect nourishment my skin needs in the changing climate. Have you tried Suki skin care? What do you think?