Save 20% on Organic Beauty Products

If you’ve been wondering about brands like Suki, Dr. Hauschka, ilike and Pevonia, now is your chance to try these luxurious products for 20% off. To obtain this great discount, all you need to do is enter code “20%” at checkout.

If you’re looking for great deals, here are some of my favorite organic skin care products currently in stock:

1. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser, $31.95. This cleanser is perfect for winter. It will slough off the dry skin and nourish the layer of skin underneath, leaving you fresh and smooth for your holiday parties.

2. Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Novum, $23.95. These slim lipsticks come in four amazing shades and will look great on all skin tones. The rose wax and shea butter nourish lips,which is especially important during the cold, dry months.

3. ilike Herbal Clay Spot Treatment, $48.00. This little bottle makes it easy to hide blemishes caused by holiday stress (your mother-in-law just made another sarcastic comment about your ‘thrifty’ decorations).

4. Suki To-Go Velvet Moisturizing Cream, $8.95. Also great for winter: this smaller version packs all the punch of the original and is perfect for the woman (or man) on the go.

5. Pevonia Spot Treatment, $46.50. This is a brand new product and has calming properties to even out skin tone before those dreaded family photos.