Resort Basics: Items You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without

We’ve all been there: in a rush to catch our plane destined for the crystal waters of Bonaire or the fluffy slopes of Aspen, we realize we’ve forgotten to pack something important. Sometimes it’s the underwear. Sometimes it’s the cell charger. Other times it’s our toiletries.

Too often, the things we forget simply add stress to what was supposed to be a stress-free vacation.

Here is a checklist of things to pack to ensure you leave home with the confidence that you have everything you need to enjoy your resort vacation to the max:

1.  Wide brim hat: Not only does a wide brim hat look classic and stunning, but it also protects your hair and your delicate facial and neck skin from harsh UV rays. Even when you’re wearing sunscreen, UV rays can still penetrate your skin if you are out in the sun long enough. We love the Coolibar packable wide brim sun hat, in tan. This gorgeous tan hat matches almost anything, and its lightweight material blocks 98% of UV rays and can easily fit into a small space when traveling.  
2.  Sunscreen for the face, body, and everywhere in between: Whether you’re traveling to a ski resort or beach resort, sunscreen is absolutely necessary because UV rays are always active—even when it’s cloudy.

Coola Sport Unscented

Sunscreen: If your skin is sensitive to certain products, make sure you have a sunscreen designated specifically for your face and another for your body. We suggest SPF 30 for both your face and body. If you tend to sweat a lot or enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean, go for a water-resistant sunscreen, such as Coola Sport Sunscreen.

Don’t forget to protect your lips. Your lip skin is extremely delicate and sensitive to the sun. Lip sunburns cause the skin on the lips to decrease in elasticity and give a rigid appearance. And the immediate results of lip sunburns are, well, not pretty. Try the vitamin and antioxidant rich lip treatment, Coola Liplux. This lip product not only nourishes chapped lips but also protects against harsh UV rays.

3.    Spa travel kits: Whether it’s the sun and the sand or the snow and the dry wind, weather can have devastating effects on your skin. Be prepared and avoid skin blunders with a spa travel kit.

Deep Steep Rosemary Mint Travel Set

Packed with miniature bottles of your favorite skincare and bath products, spa travel kits reduce the bulk in your suitcase to and from your destination. You can create your own spa travel kit by purchasing clear minibottles and pouring your favorite products into each and labeling them (you don’t want to put your foot moisturizer on your face by accident), or, for an easier approach, purchase a premade spa travel kit with the finest products for your skin.

We suggest the Deep Steep Spa Travel Kit, which contains body lotion, butter, polish, and wash, and bubble bath, and moisture stick. The set also comes in three different scents: Lavender – Chamomile; Tangerine – Melon; and Rosemary – Mint.

4.  Travel cosmetic bag: Traveling with makeup can be pain. Products are buried deep within a large bag, and instead of taking the usual 15 minutes to do your makeup, it takes double that time when you have to sift through your bag for that small eye shadow. Organize your makeup products accordingly in smaller bags within a large one to reduce frustration.

Since makeup brushes can be extremely delicate—not to mention expensive—you always want to make sure you have them nestled away safely while traveling. We recommend putting your brushes in a thin, yet long, pouch and your other makeup products in a separate pouch. This ensures that your brushes aren’t being crushed and your small makeup products can be found quickly and easily. And nothing is worse than pulling out a mangled brush from your makeup bag or having to empty the entire bag just to find your eyeliner.

We suggest Cosmetic Bags by Lapin Vilardi, which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your taste. You can choose an entire set or two or three bags—depending on your packing situation—and organize your makeup the way you want.

5.  Beach bag: If you’re visiting a resort in a tropical location, a beach bag is crucial to hold your fun-in-the-sun belongings. From beach toys to sunscreen and towels to beach reads, a tote bag is the best way to carry everything you need for a day in the sun.

We suggest a tote bag that is water resistant, washable, and durable, such as a tote from Mixed Bag Designs. These bags are designed to sustain the wear and tear of the beach and hold up to 50 lbs.

Mixed Bag Department Store Bag

Did you find this post helpful, or do you have your own tips for successful packing? Let us know in our comments section.