What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Healthy Desserts

We can’t avoid the inevitable. Bathing suit season is arriving.

Now just because you may have to step into a two-piece soon does not mean that you have to give up your favorite desserts. The solution here is to look for a healthy alternative. Thankfully, Pinterest is bountiful with plenty of healthy recipes – even for your guiltiest pleasures.

Creamy Strawberry Shortcakes

Creamy Strawberry Shortcakes

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Upcycling DIYs

One easy way to go green is to reuse and recycle. The process of “upcycling” is basically taking something old and transforming it in some way to use it again. Here are a few upcycling DIYs we found on Pinterest that we thought were pretty awesome:

1. Upholstered Chair Upcycle with Fabric Spray Paint. Warning: I don’t know much about fabric spray paint, so you might want to research what kinds of chemicals are inside before using and putting in your home. Having said that, it’s pretty awesome for using on old furniture if you can’t afford (or don’t know how to) reupholster:

2. Upcycle Wine Bottles into Lanterns.

3. Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls. This is pure genius because you go through so many and can use them for fun decor!

4. Old Coffee Can Indoor Garden:

What have you found on Pinterest and DIY?! Share your photos with us!

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Weddings

It’s no mystery that Pinterest is a perfect spot for planning your future nuptials. Plenty of women have jumped in on this trend, so we thought we would share some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding finds.

First, we have eco-friendly favors:

Have your guests plant trees as a favor.

Give guests a potted succulent.

Second, we have eco-friendly confetti:

Your guests can toss confetti without harming the ecosystem.

And last but certainly not least, an adorable hemp wedding dress:

Hemp has never looked so beautiful.

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Healthy Munchies

Since we talked about eating and buying local food yesterday, we thought we would keep with the theme and feature our favorite healthy recipes from Pinterest this week!

Our board Healthy Munchies is dedicated to recipes we find that are healthy but also delicious. No one wants to chew on a granola bar that tastes like cardboard. So salivate over these yummy looking photos and plan out the rest of this week’s menu for your home!


Slammin' Sunrise "Green" Smoothie

Slammin' Sunrise Green Smoothie


roasted cauliflower & potato soup from apartmenttherapy.com!

Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Soup


Ceviche-Style Shrimp and Avocado Tacos

Ceviche-Style Shrimp and Avocado Tacos

If you’re looking for places to buy fresh and local veggies and fruit, check out The Vegetable Bin at 10 Society St. If you’ve never heard of it, look at their Yelp! page. It’s a fabulous place to get local produce in Charleston!

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Tech Edition

Today, we’re focusing on awesome Make-Your-Life-Easier green products.

There’s the product for the laziest of us: The self pot-watering kit (maybe we’ll stop killing all of our plants this way!)

Self pot-watering kits! Looks pretty cool!

The Self Pot-Watering Kit

The product for the least lazy of us: the nPOWERPEG is designed to use your kinetic energy to charge your handheld electronics.

peg computer bag web rgb

the nPOWERpeg

And the product that’s just plain cool: The Travel Charger that shuts off when your battery is full.

CES 2012 travel charger

Join us on Pinterest for more unique green products and much more!

What We’re Pinning Wednesday

You’ve probably heard about the Pinterest Phenomenon. Recently, the company hit a huge milestone and broke records: it hit 10 million unique visitors in one day faster than any previous site. That’s including Facebook, Google+ or any other social platforms. It’s getting huge, in other words.

We’ve been on Pinterest for a few weeks now and we’re really enjoying it as well. It’s a great way to connect with other businesses in eCommerce, our customers and hopefully our future customers. We’re pinning all kinds of things from Charleston and the interwebs, but today we’re going to focus on eco-friendly things for kids that we’re pinning.

healthy kids snacks made fun

organic baby bibs from etsy

fun way to recycle tiny and old crayons to be used again

a fun playground toy from an old tire

To see what else we’re pinning, check out Charleston Naturally on Pinterest.