Pick of the Week: Two’s Company Recycled Magazine Lantern

It’s that time of year again! Gone are the infamously long summer days, replaced by the shorter, cooler days of Fall. Enjoy your end-of-the-summer barbeque with the soft, natural light of a Two’s Company Recycled Magazine Lantern. These unique lanterns provide a soft glow of light indoors or outdoors to instantly brighten the ambiance of your event.

Recycled Magazine lanterns are handcrafted from old magazines, which are hand rolled, cut and formed into unique and beautiful home décor items. This biodegradable lantern is a part of Two’s Company’s Green Recycled Collection line of eco-friendly lanterns, storage boxes, bowls, wall books and reusable tote bags.

Choose from two sizes: Large- 11.75″ diameter ($44.96) or Small- 7″ diameter ($29.96).