Pick of the Week: McEvoy Ranch’s 80 Acres Hand & Body Collection

Thanks to Rachael Ray, most people in America are now familiar with EVOO, or extra virgin olive oil. While EVOO is used most often in cooking, it also has found its way into skin care lines. McEvoy Ranch of Petaluma, CA launched with olive seedlings from Tuscany, and now produces organic oil for cooking and body care products.

McEvoy Ranch’s body care line, 80 Acres, employs many sustainable practices, like: recycled packaging, small-batch production and organic ingredients and essential oils. McEvoy Ranch also utilizes animals to control insect populations and maintain the land, reducing the need for mowers and aiding in compost creation. The ranch even has 16 bee hives to help with pollenation, which in turn helps the local ecosystem.

One of the best ways to experience 80 Acres is with the Hand & Body Collection ($46), which includes body lotion, hand & body wash and handcrafted olivewood board in a beautifully packaged bag. Perfect for gifts, this collection contains herbs and plant extracts and comes in two scents.

We carry a variety of 80 Acres products, like lip balm, bath salts and soap. See what olive oil can do for your skin!