Pick of the Week: Amazon Cones

Tired of a buggy backyard and want to find a natural insect repellant that actually works? Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, or just want to garden enjoy a meal outside with bugs, Amazon Lights cones are just what the doctor ordered!

Cones are ideal for tabletops and don’t have a strong smell like other citronella natural insect repellents. You can also place several cones around a perimeter to repel insects in a large area.

Amazon Lights cones

Amazon Lights cones are made from 100% sustainable bamboo with 10% essential oils of Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme.  Plus, the essential oil percentage of 10% is 100–400% higher than most comparable products!

The Andiroba oil found in Amazon Lights products comes from the Andiroba tree in South America. According to the Amazon Lights website, ”Extracts from its bark, flowers and fruits have been used for centuries by the Amazonian people as a source of prevention and treatment for a variety of ailments: arthritis, inflammation, skin disorders, fevers, flu and depression – just to name a few. Andiroba oil is extracted from the round chestnut-like fruits bearing seeds which contain the rich, yellow oil. Though the method is primitive – the seeds are boiled and later squeezed in a wood press known as a tipiti – one Andiroba tree can produce nearly a quarter of a ton of seeds annually. The Andiroba seeds are composed of 50% oil, making this one of Brazil’s most sustainable rainforest products.” The oil is acquired by these tribes through The Amazon Co-op, a Community Trade program which seeks to improve sanitation, dental care, education and more. Andiroba oil makes insects lose their appetite, which safely deters them from biting.

Amazon Lights cones are available for $12 and contain 50 cones, which each burn up to 25 minutes. Also, check out Amazon Lights incense sticks ($13.95) and candles ($12).