Pets Can Be Eco-Friendly Too!

When it comes to pets, Americans love to spoil their furry friends. According to a study by the American Pet Products Association, 62% of U.S. households own a pet (or 72.9 million homes), and Americans will spend an estimated $50.84 million this year on pets. One of the trends mentioned in this report discusses the increase in eco-friendly pet products on the market. Whether you have an animal with allergies or just want to ” do your part” for Mother Earth, natural pet products are easier to find than ever.

Here’s an overview of how your pet can be green too!

Buy collars, leashes and beds made with organic materials, like soy, hemp, cotton and bamboo, and recycled materials, such as plastic bottles and inner tubes. You can also find these items made with organic cotton or natural dyes, which lack the pesticides and chemicals of regular pet products (these ingredients also help with allergies). Charleston Naturally carries a line of doggie bed duvets, which allows you to build a bed by stuffing old clothes, towels or other materials into a stuff sack ($12-38). Aroo Studio collars and leashes come in a variety of colors and prints, and are made from sustainable fabrics like cotton and hemp.

Molly Mutt Perfect Afternoon Dog Bed Cover

Buy  organic and natural food, treats and chews. Also, look for items that don’t harm other animals, like elk antlers that fall of naturally. Dog bowls come in bamboo or other earth-friendly wood materials too. Guyot Design’s squishy collapsible dog bowls ($14.95) are made of BPA- and polycarbonate-free silicon.

Look for natural products for all your pet care needs. Shampoosflea sprayear cleaner and more are now being made with herbs and other natural ingredients. Using natural pet care products keeps chemicals and harmful ingredients out of wastewater, and they are better for your pet’s health. Check out all of our pet care products here ($7.98-23).

Other tips for earth-friendly animals include:

  • Check the company’s manufacturing processes to make sure they are doing their part. Using biodegradable and compostable packaging is always a plus.
  • Rework your pet waste disposal. Cats can be converted to eco-friendly litter made out of corn, wheat, recycled newspapers. Dogs waste can be disposed of with biodegradable bags, or even a doggie septic tank.
  • Buy local! Pet products made in the U.S. reduce carbon footprints. Buying from local, independent pet stores also does so and boosts your local economy.

To learn more about Charleston Naturally’s eco-friendly pet products, check out the pet section of our blog and the Kids & Critters page on our website.