Our Inspiration: Charleston

As you may already known, we embraced the natural life several years ago and decided to pursue this as a career in 2008. We began as an online store, and later decided to open a retail store in Charleston, SC, our hometown. Charm, culture, beauty, history and good health–that describes the town we call home and also guides the purchasing decisions we make for our product lines.

Flickr: waynesutton12

Planet Green published an article, 6 Unexpected Holistically Healthy American Towns, and Charleston, SC made the list! Here’s what they said about the Holy City:

This is another place I called home a time or two. Charleston is by far South Carolina’s most progressive city. Sample raw eats at the Sprout or the best in vegetarian and vegan fare at the Daily Dose. Yoga is all over the place here with studios like Holy Cow YogaSerenity Now, and my favorite, Jivamukti YogaHealing Hands Massage and Body Work features Reiki, Energy Healing, Shiatsu, and a wide variety of massage. You can try your hand at acupuncture at the Acupuncture Center of Charleston.

Other unexpected holistic cities include our neighbor to the north, Asheville, NC; Ann Arbor, MI; Brattleboro, VT; Hanalei, HI and Sante Fe, NM.

There are plenty of holistic businesses, events and organizations that didn’t make the list, so please share your favorite in the comments section!