Not Your Typical Vase

Nothing says “spring” like a house full of fresh flowers! Here at Charleston Naturally, we love to explore innovative ways to bring the garden into the home. Check out a few of our favorites. . .

  • Brighten your kitchen or office with the Chive’s Large Magnetic Test Tube Vase. This one-of-a-kind magnetic flower vase attaches easily to a refrigerator, desk, or anywhere a magnetic force exists. Fill it with one bud or a full flower arrangement—it’s up to you!

Chive large magnetic test tube vase

  • Think beyond the tabletop to add an elegant hanging accent to your patio or sunroom with Homeport’s Bud Vase Chimes. Each string is comprised of two bud vases and is perfect for placing a minibundle of wildflowers or a minibouquet of assorted greens.

Homeport chime flower bud vase

  • Do you love to collect clippings from the garden? The Chive’s Hudson 4 Caterpillar Vase is perfect for displaying blossoms. Its sleek design allows it to fit easily on a narrow window sill or ledge, adding a pop of fragrance and color.

  • Far from your typical vase, Chive’s Nature Gourd Vases are a unique way to display fresh flowers. Available in gunmetal or silver, the gourd enhances room décor with or without flowers.  For spring, we suggest filling the vases with tall sprigs of pussywillows and using them to create a dramatic tablescape.

Chive Gourd Vases

  • Add an unexpected splash of color to your hallway, bathroom, or dining room with Home Port’s Zephyr Vases. These elegant cylindrical tube flower vases are perfect for displaying your favorite garden blossoms, and their small size makes them perfect for any corner or nook of your patio or home. We hang several underneath the patio’s sun umbrella to create a whimsical mood.

Homeport Zephyr vase