Beauty Products That Do it All

We Americans are an impatient people. We want everything done yesterday (and well). If that sounds familiar, you are going to love the products that we’re featuring today. These are our most multi-purposeful skin care products. Essentially, one product can do more than you initially anticipated when you bought it. Make sure you get the most out of your organic and natural products as many of them have alternative uses.

First, we have our Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil. This 3-in-1 product is great for a nourishing bath, great for rubbing onto dry, patchy areas of skin and great as a massage oil.

Second, we have our ilike herbal clay spot treatment. This little stick will help save you from all of your skin irritations including mosquito bites, shaving bumps, cold sores, rosacea and acne. It’s a little miracle worker.

Herbal Clay Spot Treatment

Third is our Suki Butter Cream Salve. This stuff is amazing for everything from dry skin, to baby’s skin, to eczema and preventing stretch marks.

This Dr. Hauschka Lemon Bath is not only great for energizing your skin with a kick of citrus in the morning, but can also ward off cellulite. Add it to your bath or rub it into cellulite-prone problem areas to feel the effects!