Interview with Molly Mundt – Founder of Molly Mutt

Pets can spend all day napping, so it’s important that they have a cozy, comfy bed to snooze in. If your pet is anything like Sara’s dog Honey and her pal Mama Mia,  her bed quickly becomes soiled with mud and fur and requires frequent laundering and replacement. Thankfully, there’s Molly Mutt to simplify pet owners’ lives.

Molly Mutt is a company that sells DIY dog bed kits. Molly Mundt, the company’s founder, was fed up with cleaning and purchasing dog beds for her three pooches, so she designed these fashionable and easy-to-wash pet bed duvets that can go over existing beds or be filled with the old clothes, pillows, and bedding lying around your house. We are so crazy about Molly Mutt’s pet bed alternatives—which allow owners to “upcycle” material that would otherwise end up in a landfill—that we invited Ms. Mundt to chat with us!

CN: How did Molly Mutt evolve from an idea into a successful company?

MM: In 2002, I packed up my dogs and my stuff, and I moved from Texas, where I went to college, to San Francisco, a city where I had nowhere to live, no friends and no job—the courage I had back then! A couple of weeks after arriving with only a few dollars to my name, I took a job with a very cool company to be a product designer. I found out that I loved working in products. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of thinking up product ideas and designing and selling them. I always knew that I wanted to someday own my own company, and when I was downsized after a corporate restructuring, I thought, why not?

CN: How and where did you make the first Molly Mutt bed?

MM: I have a friend who was the creative director for a small women’s fashion label here in San Francisco. After I came up with the idea, he actually sewed a few samples for me. I’m an absolute craft ninja, and even though my mom had bought me a sewing machine for Christmas that year, the dog bed duvets were way above my skill level!

Molly Mutt's creator, Ms. Mundt

Molly Mutt's creator, Ms. Mundt

CN: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard used to fill a Molly Mutt dog bed?

MM: I can’t really answer that without divulging customer secrets . . . think Frederick’s of Hollywood. The most touching story was someone who was working fervently to lose weight, and she and her Weight Watchers group used their now too-big clothes to fill their beds—I teared up on that one.

CN: Do you have any tips on how to avoid lumps in the bed when stuffing the duvet?

MM: Well, here’s a trade secret that I can divulge: dogs love lumps! A lumpy dog bed isn’t going to sell in a store, but, in reality, lots of dogs love lumps. We’ve heard from lots of customers who are thrilled that their dog can move the lumps around as they please. Of course many customers really don’t want to look at a lumpy bed. For those customers, we suggest using our Stuff Sack and filling it with lots of smaller items, such as t-shirts and hand towels, and then throwing pillows on top of that so the bed doesn’t look lumpy from the top. Two regular-sized pillows in our stuff sack fills up a small-size duvet really nicely.

CN: Molly Mutt recently reached its one-year anniversary. How did you celebrate?

MM: We looked at each other, said congratulations, and then we flipped a coin to see who was going to FedEx that day. We also took a few moments to call those customers who saw and ordered from us on our first day at last year’s Global Pet Expo to thank them very much for helping launch us.

CN: What can we look forward to from Molly Mutt in the year ahead?

MM: In January, we launched our Molly Meow brand of cat bed duvets, and we’re really excited about the innovative product possibilities for the Molly Meow line. We are also preparing to introduce four brand-new designs for our Spring / Summer collection.

CN: Any exciting new products in the works?

MM: Our biggest news is the pending introduction of the Molly Mutt Clean. Molly Mutt Clean will be the first line of dog care products certified by the Natural Product Association. Our first three products are in the final testing stage right now, and we hope to have them ready for the marketplace by late spring. Although there are lots of great pet care products already on the market, we knew of a fantastic manufacturer in California that was a true pioneer in the natural health and beauty industry. We were thrilled to discover that they had always wanted to do pet care products and decided to collaborate. We are very excited about launching the Molly Mutt Clean line!

CN: You featured your dogs on your blog in a segment called “Meet my Dogs.” How have the Molly Mutts taken to their newfound fame? Has it gone to their heads?

MM: As you know, I have three dogs, and we’ve been a family for over a decade. Nothing much goes to their heads because they all already have superinflated senses of self, except for Bella, the Jack Russell. To say she’s the alpha dog of the group is an understatement.  Reb and Macy are proud to be models for our products and are prominently featured on some of our fellow San Francisco Bay area pet brand photos. Now-a-days, I do hear them griping a LOT about how they now want to eat fancy raw food. I’m succumbing little by little.

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CN: Is there anything else you would like to add?

MM: It’s been extremely gratifying to see our products so well received. We get hundreds of emails and photos each month from our customers, and we enjoy receiving each one. To know that our product makes people feel good is the best part.

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