ilike Organic Spot Treatments

All-over organic facial systems can be the best answer to keeping your skin healthy and clear, but what about days when you need just a little more attention in a certain spot? Whether it’s a minor breakout or fine lines, you can get an ilike spot treatment for it. The treatments come in a tube about the size of a lip gloss, so they are convenient and portable.

The ilike Fenugreek Gel for wrinkles firms and moisturizes. It can be used on a saggy neck, drooping eyelids, a double chin, or fine lines around the lips and eyes. Simply smear a thin coat on the problem area and watch as the hydrofirming gel regenerates your skin. It’s also great on sunburns and dry patches on the skin, which means it’s perfect even when the seasons change.

The ilike Paprika spot treatment is perfect for oily and spotty skin. The Hungarian cherry peeper and potato content softens keratinized skin and opens up clogged pores. It’s perfect for when you feel like a blemish is popping up. It will clear up your issue quickly and conveniently. You can also use it to reduce a man’s irritation from shaving his face.

The ilike Herbal Clay Spot Treatment is similar to the paprika kind except that it is used for normal or combination skin. This also has a drying effective, so it can also be helpful to treat cold sores and inflammation anywhere on the skin. It will hide (and cure) imperfections during the day under your makeup.