Green Travel Tips For Your Summer Vacation

In most areas, children are out for summer break and families are planning a summer vacation. Whether you’re traveling by plane, staying in a hotel or taking an excursion, there are ways to make your summer vacation more eco-friendly.

  • Fat Tire Bike Tour in France, Flickr: Barbara L. Slavin

    Find a green hotel- Is the hotel LEED-certified; does the hotel recycle; does the hotel practice green housekeeping (see below); does the hotel use energy-efficient lightbulbs, low-flow toilets and shower heads; does the hotel utilize solar or wind power

  • Be eco-conscious during your stay- reuse towels; request sheet turndown only when neccassary; turn off lights and unplug electronics when you leave the room
  • Transportation: use electronic tickets instead of paper tickets; purchase carbon offsets for air travel; pack light; take the train instead of flying (trains emit less pollution and carry more passengers); rent a hybrid car or select the smallest class because it uses less gas; use public transportation, walk or ride a bike
  • Activities- select a tour operator that is environmentally responsible; buy local; respect the natural environment

These tips are just a start to planning an eco-friendly vacation. There are numerous resources at  Green.Travel, Go Green Travel Green and Independent Traveler.

Don’t forget to share any green travel tips you have in the comments section!