Green News Round-Up: February 11-17

Washington State has apparently installed an electric vehicle fee. Treehugger politely puts it as the “dumb idea of the day.” We concur.

Obama increases budget funding for energy efficiency efforts for 2013, including clean coal research, nuclear power and assessing the risks of fracking.

Secretary Chu Presents 2013 Energy Budget

Exploding barns across the Midwest have been happening since 2009. It happens when something sparks a build-up of methane gas.

Chipotle aired a powerful commercial about anti-factory farming during the Grammys. I almost stood up and cheered!

Pittsburgh Zoo got a new baby gorilla yesterday… and the cuteness factor is off the charts.

Hawaii could be on its way to enacting a law that makes consumers pay a fee who choose paper or plastic bags at the grocery store. It would be the first state to do so.