Gifts for Outdoor Lovers: bug repellent, bird feeder and party lights

In Charleston, we love to host parties, meals and informal chats outside, so we’ve compiled this gift guide for outdoor lovers.

Attract birds to your yard with this Achla Designs Pineapple bird feeder ($30). Made from hand-woven steel mesh, this feeder has spots for birds to perch on the top and bottom.

Brighten up your yard with Achla Designs Sparkle Cone Lights. Choose from dark blue, dark green, light blue, light green, mandarin and yellow ($7.95), or purchase the whole set for $44.95. Just arrange the lights in your yard, fill the cone with a tea light or votive candle and you’ll instantly add a splash of color.

Biting bugs can put a damper on outdoors plans, but Amazon Lights to the rescue! Utilizing the natural bug repellent properties of Brazilian andiroba oil, Amazon Lights are made from 100% sustainable bamboo and 10% essential oils of Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme.  That essential oil percentage is 100–400% higher than most comparable products!

There are several options available to keep a yard bug-free. Read more about andiroba oil here.

Incense sticks ($16)

Incense cones ($16)

Candle ($16)