Fresh Ideas for Your Garden

Tomato - Vegetable Garden

Summer is the perfect time of year for gardening! Warmer weather and longer days make for a great environment in which to spend time cultivating your green thumb. It’s also one of the best times of year to be growing your own food. Enjoy such yummy seasonal vegetables as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and beans, fresh from your own garden! And, of course, there’s never a bad time to work on making that garden even greener. Gardening provides a great opportunity to implement some creative recycling and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Almost any container can be transformed into flower pot or plant grower. Old milk/water jugs, soda bottles, coffee tins, etc. are just a few examples of household items that can be filled with soil and returned to good use! If you keep an outdoor garden, try adding a little life to the area by recycling some of the same containers to hang in the trees as birdfeeders. You can also save your apple cores, banana peels, and other food remains to use as compost for the garden, thus making sure nothing goes to waste and contributing to your plants’ health at the same time.

You can also save space and increase the productivity of your garden by strategically placing different species together. Certain plants, when planted alongside one another, can actually establish a beneficial relationship. For example, corn can be sown alongside beans in order to act as a natural beanpole, a tradition harking back to ancient American civilizations. (For more helpful tips, checkout The Green Garden: Organic Crops in Pots which also makes a fabulous organic gift for the urban organic gardening enthusiast!)

Another factor to consider for home gardening is the pH of your soil. Have your soil tested to determine how acidic or basic it is.  Some plants thrive better in acidic soil, and some better in basic soil. Plan accordingly to best ensure the welfare of your crops or flowers.

Finally, be creative with your garden. Decorate! Make it a project. Birdfeeders, wind chimes, and garden statues make great additions to an outdoor garden. So do hand-painted flowerpots, homemade bird baths, and original artwork.

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