Facts About John Masters Organics

John Masters was a natural at cutting and coloring hair. From his humble Niagra Falls beginnings, Masters catapulted into first-rate jobs in Miami and Manhattan. He quickly became the go-to stylist for the stars.

However, his interests quickly turned to organics, in part because of his experience in hair salons. Surrounded by harsh chemicals and toxins all day, Masters easily saw the benefits of natural products. He wanted to create organic hair products. His quest for a toxin-free salon led him to begin styling his clients in his apartment and utilizing European products. He continued to experiment with toxic-free materials.

By 1991, Masters developed his initial organic hair product, which he called Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer.

He proceeded with his study and experimentation with natural products. He branched out into essential oils. Perusing the aisles of health-food stores led him to other plant extracts and healthy living staples. He used these to continue developing organic hair products.

Not long after, he inaugurated his organic line of products, which he called John Masters Organics. His clients were as diverse as the Soho neighborhood in which he lived. He opened his neighborhood salon in 1994.

His salon was touted as a “clean air salon.” No perms were available in his salon due to the necessity of harsh chemicals. No manicures were given in his salon. The only color jobs performed in Masters Salon were the type that uses non-toxic chemicals. The products used by all stylists in his salon were all organic hair products.

By 2001, the salon expanded to the point that a new facility was in order. Masters relocated his Soho neighborhood salon to Sullivan Street. Masters also branched out into organic skin and face care. His paraben-free line was honored in 2004 with the Soil Association Award for Best Organic Product Line in Europe.

Masters’ clean air salon is a concept hair stylists may want to sit up and notice. A USC study revealed that stylists with only a year of experience are 50% more likely to have bladder cancer. Once a stylist has been in the business for 10 years, their increase raises five times to 500%. Stylists who have been working for three years have a three times higher incidence of breast cancer. Other studies show that stylists are at a much higher risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.

Aside from a cancer risk, exposure to chemicals as a hair stylist can cause other health risks. The incidence of hay fever, asthma and eczema are quite pronounced in the hair stylist community.

The best way to reduce your risk as a stylist is to switch to a clean air salon. Using organic hair products will be so much kinder to your body, your skin, and your system. John Masters line of organic hair products is an excellent choice.