Weekly Eco-News Round-Up

Hello readers! Here is our first Weekly Eco News Round-Up. I think it’s helpful for you to know everything that is going on in the green community. There is never a lack of knowledge out there, only a lack of caring to find it.

So, beginning this week, we’ll find the best green articles to share. If you ever have any articles or organizations you’d like to share with us and our readers, I hope you will leave it in the comments so we can feature it! Hope you enjoy!

Tesla has unveiled their new electric crossover model. And can we just say, “WOW!”

What’s really in fast food chicken? File this under ‘Things I Wish I Hadn’t Read.’

There’s formaldehyde in your cosmetics… but we’ve already told you that before.

Organic versus Non-Organic beauty ingredients, courtesy of yours truly.

Big companies like Google are devoted to fighting climate change. Pretty inspiring stuff.

10 Sustainable Lingerie Options to heat up your Valentines Day. Again, we just say, “wow.”