Eco-Friendly Pet Spotlight: Molly Mutt Dog Bed Covers

You know those old worn out t-shirts, towels with bleach spots & blankets with an unbearable amount of fuzz in various places in your house? Well Molly Mutt has thought of a rather ingenious way for you to reuse them. When you buy a Molly Mutt dog bed cover, it doesn’t come with stuffing for this reason. You can use your dog’s old plush toys and your old unwanted clothing to fill it! Not only does it get these unsightly items out of your way, but your dog will love laying on a bed that smells like you. It might even help ease separation anxiety.

Molly Mutt Perfect Afternoon Dog Bed Cover

We have a ton of styles to choose from–for once, the dog bed won’t mess up your home’s chic aesthetic. My personal favorite pattern is the Perfect Afternoon, shown above. The best part? A large dog bed cover is only $25-50. Large dog beds can get pricey, some even at $100 or more. And this is one they won’t tear to pieces, leaving you with a huge fluffy mess.