Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts – Pet Mom Edition

This is part 5 in our week long celebration of Mother’s Day.

We can’t forget the critter moms! Today we celebrate the moms to our 4-legged friends. Below we highlight some great Mother’s Day gifts and supplies for pet moms.

For the Pet Moms:

Aroo Studio Sugar and Spice Collar - Made of 100% soft cotton fabric, this dog collar is gentle on every neck, whether you have a small puppy or a sophisticated senior.


Molly Mutt Title Track Dog Bed Cover – Fill a Stuff Sack with old clothes, worn-out blankets and pillows, or the stuffed animal insides that your dog scatters all over the house—then put the Stuff Sack inside the Dog Duvet for a plush bed your dog will love.


Potting Shed Growing Pet Grass Bowls – Potting Shed Growing Pet Bowls include organic soil and grass seeds with growing instructions. Simply cut the grass—don’t pull—and it will keep growing. Choose from wheat grass for cats and barley grass for dogs.


West Paw Bumi Dog Toy – Scrap materials create new eco-friendly dog and cat toys, and most tags and packaging are 100% recycled paper stock.


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