Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts – Gardener Edition

This is part 3 in our week long celebration of Mother’s Day. If you’re just now tuning in, last week we covered eco-friendly gifts for the mom who values skin care, and the mom who loves to throw a party.

Today we’re featuring the perfect gifts for the mom who loves to be outdoors and in her garden. Growing your own food is already an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, but you can take it a step further with organic gardening.

For the Mom with a green thumb:

Potting Shed – Garden in a Bag - organic gardening is easy and convenient in the eco-friendly, leakproof bag. With organic-certified soil, seeds, and coconut husks for drainage, this eco-friendly garden gift provides an easy, fun way to start a year-round organic garden.


Coolibar Wide Brim Sun Hat – Made with a revolutionary polyester that looks like straw, the lightweight wide brim sun hat blocks 98% UV rays and offers a look of natural fiber.


Achla Designs Wire Mesh Bird Feeders - Hand-woven from steel wire mesh, these iron bird feeders from Achla Designs are coated with black powder and are best suited for sunflower seeds.


Achla Designs Herb Marker - Hand-wrought aluminum makes these markers lightweight and portable, and the black powder-coated stems add a traditional European look to your herb garden.


Potting Shed Creations Rice Hull Grower’s Pots - Rice Hull Grower’s Pots are all-natural, eco-friendly pots made from rice hulls, renewable grain husks, and organic pigments.