Eco-Friendly Hemp Collar for the Fashion-Forward Pup

Whether your playful pup frequents the beach, backyard, or doggy park, or enjoys boat rides and neighborhood strolls, his or her collar must battle the natural elements and inevitable play-induced tears and scratches that come with an outdoor, active lifestyle.

Instead of purchasing a new collar every few months, try a durable and eco-friendly hemp collar. Your pooch will not only be the most fashionable dog in the park, but he or she will also be able to roll in the mud and play with others without you worrying about a ruined collar.

What’s so great about a hemp collar?

  • Hemp collars have a natural resistance to mold, mildew, and fading colors due to UV rays.
  • Hemp collars can be easily washed with soap and water—throw them in the wash or hand wash them for a new and fresh appearance.
  • Hemp is more durable and longer lasting than synthetic materials that many collars are made from.
  • Hemp is grown completely naturally without the use of hazardous pesticides and chemicals, which means your pup isn’t being exposed to toxic materials.
  • Hemp becomes softer and more limber with age.
  • Hemp collars were featured in Bark Magazine and Animal Planet’s Daily Treat as a durable and ideal option for dogs who like to play hard but still look their best.

A hemp collar is perfect for your pup if he or she . . .

  • Loves getting wet.
  • Is always outside in the dirt and grass.
  • Plays with other dogs.
  • Has high energy and sweats often.
  • Frequently needs to visit the groomer.

We suggest the Flora Hemp Collar by Aroo Studio, which comes in a selection of vibrant colors including earth and kiwi. Combine this stunning cotton dog collar with the matching Aroo Studio Hemp Leash to make a bold fashion statement.

The combination of the Flora Collar and Leash adds a hint of zing and pizzazz to your dog’s already outgoing demeanor and makes for a happy and chic pooch.

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