Beauty Roundup: Beyonce Edition

We just had to name our beauty roundup after Beyonce this week. There’s no way you could stop us. Girl was on FIRE last night!

  • We love lists. So it’s a no-brainer that we loved No More Dirty Looks 9 Wellness Rules of Healthy People.
  • Green Beauty Team has a great post reminding us on the importance of Vitamin D and sunshine.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? What was your favorite commercial?

New Deep Steep Products

deep steep hand scrub

A natural beauty favorite, Deep Steep, has added a few new product lines to their collection and we are most excited to offer them to Charleston Naturally customers.

Charleston Naturally now carries Deep Steep Hand Cream, Hand Scrub, and Deep Steep Sugar Scrub in all available scents. From Grapefruit Bergamot to Tangerine Melon, discover a new favorite or enjoy an old classic in a new natural product.

Deep Steep’s Hand Cream is the perfect size for your purse, offering the option to always be able to moisturize your hands on dry winter days.

Deep Steep Hand Scrub helps exfoliate and smooth calluses with a blend of sea salt, exotic oils, and Shea butter.

Relax while also exfoliating your skin with Deep Steep’s Sugar Scrub. Made with organic sugar, the scrub will help reveal silky, smooth skin.

What’s your favorite Deep Steep scent?

Dr. Hauschka in the news


We feel  a bit like a proud parent bragging about their child, but we would be remiss if we didn’t give a mention to all the incredible press Dr. Hauschka has been receiving lately.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream and been featured in Tory Burch,, and US Magazine lately. Gucci Westman and Jennifer Aniston regularly use the rose day cream as an integral part of their skin care routine. Aniston says, “I’ve used Neutrogena face soap since I was a teen. I also like Dr. Hauschka Rose day cream, which I now mix with sunblock.” Style describes the cream as, “I hate foundation, but I do wear Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream on my face. It feels natural, and I like the smell. It’s light, and it looks sort of like butter.”

Rose Day Cream isn’t getting all the love, NYMag features the Normalizing Day Oil stating,

“Before trying this product, I hadn’t concluded that anyone would actually want to switch from a lotion to a oil. Then, a few drops of this “normalizing” blend of apricot, peanut, carrot, sunflower, and other oils made my dry skin look fresh while eliminating most of grossness from that “T-zone” area dermatologists always signal out. Like a good cream, it felt nice to spread this stuff across my face in the morning. And the slightly medicinal/menthol-y smell (it has added fragrance, unlike many others tested) suggested cleanliness with no extra cologne needed. Only problem: With no dropper included, the bottle is a bit messy.”

If you’re looking for a body oil, instead of face – The Beauty Bean has a great review on the Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil calling it, “No gimmicks, no empty promise, just a high quality body oil that will firm and fortify the skin to diminish the appearance of cellulite.”

Looking to shrink your pores? The Scoop has a selection of featured products that help minimize their appearance, including the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask.

Have you tried any Dr. Hauschka products? What’s your favorite?

Beauty Roundup: Happy Weather Edition

It’s currently a beautiful 75 degree day in Charleston, so don’t mind me if I’m blissfully staring out the window in between bullet points.

  • Known for her detailed, science approach, Ask an Esthetician has a great breakdown on honey as a beauty ingredient.
  • Big ups to Victoria’s Secret! According to Fashionista, the lingerie powerhouse is making big strides to be toxic-free by the end of 2013.
  • Sometimes you have to look beyond the products you put on your face and consider what you’re putting into your body for great skin. Luckily, MindBodyGreen gives some tips on how to get beautiful skin through your diet.
  • Award season is fantastic, no? Especially when we get to learn more about the Beautiful Beth Behrs organic beauty routine from GreenBeautyTeam. Psst..she wore Dr. Hauschka lipstick. ;)

What did we miss? What are you loving this week?

Introducing S.W. Basics

Introducing our newest product line, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn.

These super efficient, simply lovable organic beauty products will convince you that less is more!

“Simplicity is the definition of awesome.”

That’s the motto of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. Instead of adding tons of unnecessary and harmful ingredients, all S.W. Basics products are composed solely of whole, high-potency compounds that deliver beautiful results. Handmade in Brooklyn, this holistic beauty line is made in small batches from ingredients that are ethically sourced, certified organic, Fair Trade, or harvested from small family farms. All products contain 5 ingredients or less! Check out the full S.W. Basics line and embrace the simple life.SW Basics

New Product: 80 Acres Travel Kits

80 acres lavender travel kit

We love travel kits. They’re perfect for travel, clearly. But they are also a great way to test out several smaller products and find your favorite.

We are so excited to now sell the 80 Acres of McEvoy Ranch Travel Kits. A customer favorite, 80 Acres soaps, lotions, salts, and body washes are made from organic, extra-virgin olive oil from their own olive orchards. With incredible scents such as lavender, blood orange, and verde – the 80 Acres Travel Kits are the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Beauty Roundup: Inauguration and MLK Jr. Day Edition

With the Inauguration and MLK Jr. Day colliding, we all have something great to celebrate today. To keep in the celebration spirit, we’d like to share our favorite links from the last week.

  • The Beauty Department has a great write-up on how to Emily Deschanel was styled with natural makeup at the Golden Globes.


New Product: Suki Healthy Aging Serum and Vitamin Peptide Complex

Suki Healthy Aging Serum and Vitamin Peptide Complex


We’ve already fallen head-over-heels with Suki serums and oils, so the team at Charleston Naturally is extremely excited to sell the newest Suki product: Healthy Aging Serum and Vitamin Peptide Complex.

This lightweight serum is designed to promote healthy aging and reduce fine lines. Used after toning, this serum restores strength, promotes elasticity, and helps fight premature signs of aging.

Don’t miss out! Check out the Healthy Aging Serum and other Suki Skin Care products today!


Introducing Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hair Shine


Dull winter hair have you down? Well, it’s your lucky day! Charleston Naturall now carries Intelligent Nutrients Hair Shine. We’re so excited to welcome the hair shine to our product line. This wonderful little bottle helps tame frizz, flyaways, adds shine, and helps condition hair. Sounds great to us. ;)

As with all Intelligent Nutrients products, the hair shine is certified USDA organic, so you can feel secure that it’s safe and effective.