Dog Days of Summer

While the official start of summer is later in June, the temps are already hot in many parts of the U. S. Last week we chatted with fellow dog owners to get their tips on how to beat the heat of the dog days of summer. We met and talked with several responsible and smart pet owners who take special precautions to keep their dogs well-hydrated and healthy.  Here’s what they had to say.

Happy dog days this summer!

CN:  Do you do anything differently when exercising/walking your dog in hot weather?

Take fewer walks, schedule them for the late afternoon or early morning, and cut the walks short.

Use a harness as opposed to a neck collar to create less strain and decrease the panting

Bring water!  A combo water bottle plus bowl with a strap works great.

Use a kid’s pool filled with water for a dog’s very own splash park.

CN: When swimming, boating, or playing in the summertime, what precautions do you take to keep your dog healthy, hydrated, and happy?

Bring water on every outing – plenty of it.

Take advantage of shady areas.

Use a collar and a leash to prevent dogs from running into traffic or into unfamiliar places.

Keep dogs away from open bodies of water like pools and ponds.

CN: How do you prepare for summer travel with your dog?

Travel with plenty of food and water and consider buying pet bowls made for travel.

Never leave the dog in the car alone in the hot summer months.

Sop every two hours for breaks.

Use window shades to shield car interior from the hot sun.

Bring along their favorite bed or blanket.

Have a tip to share?  Tell us all about it in the comment section below.