DIY Day Spa for Your Pooch

We love our pets and spending quality time with them is a great way to show our appreciation for all the unconditional love they give us.  Clear your diary and reserve a special day for your best friend on a regular basis – dogs love nothing more than getting their owners’ undivided attention.  What we have in mind is something the whole family can get involved in.  Why not turn the tired old chore of washing the dog into something a little more exciting at your house? So round up the kids and get ready for some healthy clean fun.

Re-creating the Day Spa experience at home for your pooch is easy with the great, fresh-smelling organic products we have for you.  John Masters’ organic shampoo for dogs, aptly called DogPoo Dogwash, is an amazing all-rounder shampoo for dogs.  It is especially formulated with the wonderful aromatic oils of Citronella, Neem, Eucalytus and Tea Tree to ward off those pesky parasites like ticks and fleas.  Best of all, it contains a host of other alluring essential oils such as Lavender, Sage and Mint to relax your special customer.  Plant-derived extracts of Vitamins A, B5, D and E help to nourish your dog’s skin and coat.  All you need to do is lather up your pooch and massage all that goodness in.

Massage is well known for its therapeutic properties in humans, but did you know that it is equally as beneficial for pets as well?  Older animals tend to suffer from ailments just as we do.  Depending on their breed, dogs, and other animals, can get a range of diseases and debilitating conditions which require special treatment for a better quality of life.  Massage is one such treatment which does not require a trip to the Vet.  If your dog suffers from mobility troubles, a warm bath and a thorough massage on a regular basis can help to ease the pain and stiffness in their joints.

Next in line for the special doggie day spa treatment is more heavenly pampering.  How does a relaxing brushing sound?  Aubrey Organics is a leader in the world of organic products and their Organimals line is very affordable and simply divine.  Your dog will love their Organimals Dog Grooming Spray.  It is mildly scented and has great conditioning properties for your dog’s skin and coat.  Brush through after a bath or in-between shampoos to maintain freshness, moisture and to keep unpleasant odors at bay.

To enhance your dog’s day spa experience, Spot Organics has a selection of very exclusive products specifically designed to decrease anxiety and increase inner calm in dogs with the use of aromatherapy.  The Spot Organics Happy Dog Spray or their Chill – Dog Anxiety and Calming Spray is an ideal way to complete the whole spa process.  There are no chemicals and nothing artificial in these products, so you can use them as often as you like whenever stressful situations arise and know that your dog is getting wholesome goodness from the sprays.

The very last item on our list of spa treatments for your dog is a good spritz of the Spot Organics Peppermint Dog Breath Spray.  It aids in controlling bacteria in the mouth which can cause the dreaded ‘doggie-breath’ – an essential addition to your dog’s grooming at any time.

A clean pet is always a pleasure to have around and with so many fantastic natural and organic products available, it is easier than ever to care for your four-legged friends and they will thank you for it in their own special way.