Charleston Naturally is now an Organic Beauty Boutique

If you haven’t noticed, things are changing over here at Charleston Naturally. For the last few years we’ve loved providing customers with a great selection of organic products for the home, pets, and for kids. However, starting today our business model will be entirely centered on organic skin care and beauty products.

We are now exclusively an organic beauty boutique.

This change is partly a business decision, but put simply, organic beauty is our passion. We love the eco-friendly and sustainable practices that our brands follow, we love teaching the importance of an organic skin care routine, and we love helping customers discover their own fresh glow. We’re committed to providing organic beauty devotees with the best variety of products for all skin types.

If you did stop by looking for a non-beauty product, don’t worry they aren’t gone yet. You can find all remaining non-beauty products here: non-beauty products. But remember, once the products are gone – they’re gone, so stock up now.

We hope you’ll continue with us on our journey to becoming an eco-chic beauty boutique. As always please feel free to reach out and send feedback.

Thank you,

Charleston Naturally