Charleston Naturally—Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new abode is a huge undertaking. There are heavy boxes, packing and unpacking, and moving trucks to contend with. The process can be an emotional and physical strain.

Having gone through the sweat and tears of several major moves myself, I understand the importance of transforming a foreign space into your own. From an antique oriental rug in the dining room to your favorite painting above the mantel, personal touches are what transform a house into a home.

When offering a housewarming gift to celebrate the move of a family member, congratulate a friend, or welcome a new neighbor, I look for thoughtful items tailored to the moving party’s situation. Here are my never-fail housewarming gifts:

  • Honor Ancient Traditions –  To find a cricket on the hearth has been a sign of household luck for thousands of years. And the idea is prevalent in every corner of the world.  From Native American tribes to the Far East and in Europe, crickets are believed to bring good luck and to serve as a watch for danger.  A Hearth Cricket makes a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Hearth Cricket

  • Comfort with Comfort Food—Bring over a friend’s favorite dish while it’s still hot and fragrant. Not only will it provide a tasty treat, but the familiar scent of fresh-out-of-the-oven red velvet cupcakes or homemade lasagna is a fast way to warm up any space.
  • Neighborhood Flavor—When welcoming a family new to the area, give something that incorporates the local culture, such as Achla Designs Pineapple Bird Feeder in a region known for its wildlife.

    Pineapple Birdfeede

  • Flourish with Flowers—DIY gardens, such as organic seed gifts, Bloembox Habitat Gardens and Potting Shed Garden-in-a-Bag, allow a family to quickly and easily transform their new dwelling into a place of beauty. Planting flora is a fun activity that allows the family to begin a new while simultaneously improving their yard. Everyone on the block will thank you!

Potting Shed Organic Flower Seed Gift

  • Locals Only—Even a move across town can feel like it requires a passport. Help your friend out by getting to know the area for her. Scope out the nail salon and cafés in her new neighborhood. A gift certificate to these places will encourage her to explore the local haunts. Note: when giving a manicure gift certificate, toss a few dollars of cash in for the tip. It’s a small step that makes the gift extremely thoughtful.

Certified Organic Bamboo Mini Me Outside-In Bowl

  • Felicitations!—Nothing is more welcoming than a handwritten “congratulations” on your favorite stationary.

What is your favorite housewarming gift? Drop us a comment and let us know.