Beauty Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Edition

I’m from Kentucky. This naturally means that I have a huge girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. This girl crush was further solidified on Oscar night. I mean, really. Check out these gifs and try and tell me you don’t love her too.





Now onto the links we loved this week!

  • While we love luxury beauty products, sometimes it’s fun to try a little DIY. Britanie of Beauty by Britanie has a great DIY for a face mask that helps sensitive skin.
  • Who doesn’t want stronger, fuller, shinier hair? No one, that’s who. Check out Wellness Mama’s post on how to improve hair naturally to get started on growing the perfect mane.
  • Our love for S.W. Basics is well document at this point. Now we love that Shop Pretty is documenting their love.
  • Alison breaks down her yearly beauty budget over at XOJane. We loved reading all of the comments to get a better idea of monetary value an individual places on their beauty routine. Join the conversation. What’s your budget?

What did you love this week?