Baby Skin Care Tips for the Hot Summer Months

As the hot summer months approach, the sun becomes stronger, the humidity rises, and the heavy sweaters and jackets are tucked away for next winter. But with the summertime also comes dangers to your baby’s skin. So how can you ensure that your baby is healthy and happy during the summertime?

As many mothers already know, a baby’s skin is extremely delicate and highly susceptible to sunburn and heat rash. But what many mothers might not be aware of are the serious ramifications associated with heatstroke, sunburn, and heat rash. According to an article in Parents Magazine, “Overheating has also been linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a fatal sleeping disorder. ‘Babies sleep deeply when they’re hot, making them difficult to arouse, which may increase the risk of SIDS,’ explains Bruce Epstein, M.D., a pediatrician in Pinellas Park, Florida.”

To ensure your baby has a happy and healthy summer, here are some tips for keeping your baby cool and smiling:

Dress your baby in breathable clothing: When you’re at home, let your baby’s skin breathe after a bath by not applying clothing for a few minutes. When you leave the house, dress your baby in clothing that covers his / her arms and legs, but be sure that these materials are light and breathable. Cotton is one of the best materials to use on your baby in the summertime. Also, be sure to dress your baby in light colors, which will help to deflect the heat of the sun.

If your baby starts developing a rash, remove his / her clothing, and apply a damp, cool cloth to his / her skin. Let the skin breath by not putting any clothing on the irritated spot for a few minutes.

Keep your baby’s skin cool: Use a damp towel now and then to pat your baby’s skin. This helps him / her to cool down if he / she becomes too hot. Because babies do not have developed perspiration systems, they can become overheated much quicker than adults. Be sure that the temperature of your baby’s environment is always controlled.

Use sunscreen every day: Even if your baby is not outside for long periods of time, you want to be sure to use sunscreen on any areas of his / her body that could be exposed to the sun. Even on overcast days, your baby can be burnt and is often at an even higher risk for UV penetration. Use a little baby hat and sunglasses for extra protection. Not only will your baby look adorable, but these accessories also help to prevent any UV rays from hitting the scalps or eyes.

If you happen to go to the beach with your baby, try to go after 2 pm. The sun is the hottest at midday, so try to avoid this time of day to take your baby to the beach. When you are at the beach, use a mini baby tent to protect your baby from the sun. Use sunscreen and proper clothing in addition to the protection of the tent.

Keep your baby hydrated: Babies, just like adults, need more liquids in the summer months as perspiration often occurs at a much higher rate than in the cooler months. If your baby looks flushed or feels warm, give him / her a bit of formula, or breast-feed to hydrate.

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