Announcing Sunscreen Awareness Week

We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our Mystery Ingredient Monday post yesterday about chemical sunscreens. So we’ve decided to declare this week Sunscreen Awareness Week. This week we will be focusing on ways to reduce sun damage. Since spring is just around the corner, it’s important to arm yourself with the best protection money can buy. Luckily, brands like John Masters Organics, Boscia, Juice Beauty, COOLA and Erbaviva have produced awesome organic sunscreens that will protect you from the sun without depositing gross chemicals in your body (like benzophenone)!

And just to show you that our money is where our mouth is, we’re offering you 25% off all organic sunscreens and Coolibar hats this week! Just enter the code SUN at checkout. You can stock up for spring and summer and SAVE. As always, when you spend $49, you also get free shipping!

This Coolibar sun hat is not only stylish and perfect with any outdoor outfit, it’s packable! Are you dreaming about the Hamptons? Florida? Or maybe just Folly Beach? This is the hat you need… and it’s also 25% off when you enter code SUN at checkout. So go for it!

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Benzophenone

This week we’re going to be focusing on SUNSCREEN. Spring is coming up and it’s time to prepare by buying sunscreens. Sunscreen protects you from damage caused by UV rays, which can lead to all kinds of skin cancers. And on a shallow level, sunscreen will also protect you from premature aging. Sun exposure can leave your skin dried out with sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. If you use the right sunscreen, you can shave years off your appearance.

So what’s in non-organic sunscreens? Plenty of nasty things. Today we’ll be focusing on Benzophenone.


Benzophenone is an organic compound that is usually found (or its alike substitute oxybenzone) in chemical sunscreens. It is used in plastics to protect the contents inside the bottle from UV rays. That’s right–it’s used in plastic and you’re there slathering it on as well. Yuck! Well, the news gets worse. According to several sources, benzophenone has been linked to an increase in malignant melanoma… the very thing it is used to prevent!

So, you may be wondering, “Where’s the good news?” The good news is that although tests are still being performed on chemical sunscreens, the FDA still says that they protect you against melanoma. We, of course, argue that you should protect yourself and your family naturally. With organic sunscreens from COOLA, Boscia, Juice Beauty and John Masters, you can frolic in the sunshine without worrying about your complexion.

Here are some of our favorite organic sunscreens:

Coola Total Body Organic Sunscreen  SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer-Sand  Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27

Green News Round-Up: February 27-March 2

Hey y’all! It’s time for our green news round-up from the week! It’s a chance to catch up on some serious (and some fun) issues happening in our country. Hopefully you will love these organizations and causes and choose to help. If not, at least you know what people are talking about when you’re at the bar tonight!

via thefuturescompany

We’ve got food (and wine) on the brain. So here’s an article we found about how local farming will aid America’s job creation initiative from Treehuuger.

The new all-electric Nissan Leaf became available in all 50 states yesterday. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come!

A new bat species was discovered this week. Also, a six-legged giant insect.

Confused about gas prices and what politicians say? Here’s an article that breaks down Obama vs. the Republicans’ views.

And just in case you were depressed about the gas thing, here’s a video of a baby sloth in a onesie to cheer you up!

Though it seems superfluous, I really wanted to mention the Charleston Wine + Food Festival that is happening this weekend. It’s going to be so much fun and we can see how the chefs around town are innovating with locally-grown ingredient practices.

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Healthy Munchies

Since we talked about eating and buying local food yesterday, we thought we would keep with the theme and feature our favorite healthy recipes from Pinterest this week!

Our board Healthy Munchies is dedicated to recipes we find that are healthy but also delicious. No one wants to chew on a granola bar that tastes like cardboard. So salivate over these yummy looking photos and plan out the rest of this week’s menu for your home!


Slammin' Sunrise "Green" Smoothie

Slammin' Sunrise Green Smoothie


roasted cauliflower & potato soup from!

Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Soup


Ceviche-Style Shrimp and Avocado Tacos

Ceviche-Style Shrimp and Avocado Tacos

If you’re looking for places to buy fresh and local veggies and fruit, check out The Vegetable Bin at 10 Society St. If you’ve never heard of it, look at their Yelp! page. It’s a fabulous place to get local produce in Charleston!

How Local is Your Food?

Since Tuesday is the day when we “pause for a cause,” I thought it would be great to feature this article about eating local from Organic Soul.

First, why is it even important to eat local? Eating local “should minimize the costs and needs of transportation, uses of chemicals, and benefit the community.” Chemicals is a huge one for us at Charleston Naturally. Preservatives are arguably some of the most harmful things that we humans are constantly exposed to in our food (and beauty products as well). If your food doesn’t have to travel the average 1,800 miles to your plate, it’s easier to buy fresh and eat fresh. Buying in smaller amounts (because things will go bad without preservatives) will ensure your budget and health also return to a safe balance. You’ll also be aiding your state’s economy. And those are three things Americans need to work on most.

Though there are arguments about what constitutes “local,” Congress–in the 2008 Farm Act–stated that “local” really means regional. The agricultural product should be within 400 miles of the origin to be considered local. We think you can do even better than that, however.

via Country Living

Who knew we could solve these kinds of problems by eating local? Well, Charleston does. This city is constantly adding new restaurants (and food trucks) with locally-grown ingredients and no preservatives, new CSAs and new Farmers’ Market-type events. Our Marion Square Farmers’ Markets is scheduled to start again in April–by the way–and it was just recognized by Country Living as one of the country’s 10 best Farmers’ Markets! Since we are becoming increasingly popular with tourists, celebrities, foodies, fashionistas and winos, it’s important that we keep setting the tone in the South (and the rest of the country) for a movement toward organic and local food.

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Resorcinol

Today’s mystery ingredient is Resorcinol. This compound is a dihydroxy benzene.


Resorcinol is easily soluble in water and is used most commonly in treating acne and rosacea because of its antiseptic qualities. It’s in a ton of over-the-counter cosmetics and skin care products. It relieves itching and discomfort, which is why it is also an active ingredient in products like Vagisil. It is also used in hair coloring products, usually to create yellow tones.

However, it is important to be wary of products that use a lot of Resorcinol. It is still classified as a toxin and is combustible and flammable. Doesn’t really sound like an awesome thing to put on your skin, huh? Resorcinol has also been known to mess with your thyroid and cause acute heart changes. Though it has not been named a carcinogen, testing still continues on the compound.

The bottom line: We can think of plenty of natural ways to relieve itching and redness, acne and rosacea. Companies like ilike and Pevonia have active ingredients like rose petal oil, vitamin E and bioflavinoids to aid these skin issues without irritating.

Green News Round-Up: February 20-24, 2012


The town of Dryden, NY has won a court case that effectively ban fracking. Will this be a precedent?

Obama proposes new energy plan and says Republicans’ political promises of “fast fixes” for gas price decreases are “dishonest” and “bumper stickers.”

BPAs are in the environmentalists’ crosshairs, but experts say alternatives might not be any safer.

Mobile Gardening is a new movement that mashes up biking and gardening. Innovative and fun!

McDonalds may be actually doing something right by leading the industry toward eco-friendly packaging for fast food.

And as for technology, here are some floating solar panel designs located in India that seem to be not only efficient but very cool.

The Leap Day (Week) Deal!

We’re nuts for Leap Day! It only comes around every four years, after all. And to celebrate, we’re showing our fans and readers a lotta love.

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Benefits of Carrots Extend Beyond Eye Sight

It’s not a myth; carrots actually do aid your eye sight. But that’s not the only amazing thing they do. Carrots contain tons of vitamin A and beta carotene, which can help nourish your skin and keep it looking fresh and vibrant (and hair, too!). They can even aid with circulation, heart problems and arthritis! There’s a lot of punch packed into that orange veggie.

Here are a few wonderful products that capitalize on this carrot craze:

Rich Carrot Moisturizer

ilike rich carrot moisturizer

John Masters Shine On

John Masters Organics Shine On

Erbaviva Organic Stretch Mark Oil

Ebraviva Organic Stretch Mark Oil

Rich Carrot Mask

ilike rich carrot mask

Eye Repair Balm

Suki Eye Repair Balm

Soft Coral

Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks