Best Anti-Aging Products Round-Up

We’ve often been asked what products we carry that are best for anti-aging. We love natural and organic anti-aging products because they are made from the best things that Mother Nature has to offer and they nourish your skin. There’s no need to go under the knife or even just to the drugstore to slather on the chemicals. Look your best with a little help from these great products:

First, we have the Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum. Serums are able to penetrate deeper than most creams, so we like it for anti-aging:

Second, we love Pevonia’s Timeless Repair Lotion. You can use it anywhere on your body and it will hydrate and refresh:

Lastly, we really love a great eye cream. Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Eye Cream is always a best-seller because it eliminates fine lines and wrinkles around eyes:

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Upcycling DIYs

One easy way to go green is to reuse and recycle. The process of “upcycling” is basically taking something old and transforming it in some way to use it again. Here are a few upcycling DIYs we found on Pinterest that we thought were pretty awesome:

1. Upholstered Chair Upcycle with Fabric Spray Paint. Warning: I don’t know much about fabric spray paint, so you might want to research what kinds of chemicals are inside before using and putting in your home. Having said that, it’s pretty awesome for using on old furniture if you can’t afford (or don’t know how to) reupholster:

2. Upcycle Wine Bottles into Lanterns.

3. Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls. This is pure genius because you go through so many and can use them for fun decor!

4. Old Coffee Can Indoor Garden:

What have you found on Pinterest and DIY?! Share your photos with us!

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Attending a baby shower this spring? Many people are swarming around big stores like Babies R Us and while these stores sell lots of practical things, you could also get your mother-to-be gifts that are more special and more green. If she’s at all eco-conscious, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting her one of these gifts:

Two’s Company Bath Buddy Animal Sponge*

Erbaviva Sniffles Organic Baby Chest Balm:

Erbaviva Organic Diaper Cream:

Cuskiboo Baby Comforter*

*item is on sale currently in-store.


How Warmer Weather Might Affect Us

March has been a record-breaking month with over 25 cities having the highest temperatures ever–including cities normally covered in polar ice caps like Detroit and Milwaukee (only kidding). But what has this warmer winter brought us in addition to early blooming cherry blossoms in DC?

via The Washington Post

According to the Huffington Post writer Jan Mazurek, quite a lot of man-made heat-trapping pollution. Warming temperatures, she says, could put “some five million people in the United States at risk for increased coastal flooding.” This affects us in Charleston, as well as many other places in the South. Be aware of your emissions, especially during this critical time. Research ways to conserve energy and gas. Here are some easy ways: turn your lights off, turn your thermostat off and open the windows, carpool and buy local.

What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Hair Care Tips

We absolutely loved this Natural Remedies for Making Your Hair Grow Faster article we found on Pinterest.

It’s from the aptly-titled All Women Stalk website. Among the tips is applying egg whites to your hair, trimming every 6-8 weeks and getting hot oil scalp massages. What are your favorite natural remedies for hair woes? We also just love recommending the use of natural hair products from brands like John Masters Organics.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor Sale Items

We’re doing a little spring cleaning, which means lots of work for us and lots of savings for you! We’re featuring a lot of eco-friendly home decor items, so I thought I would highlight some of my favorites for you:

Home Port Flower Bowls (50% off). These pretty babies are sure to please any partier on the wall or on your table!


Home Port Silver Leaf Accents Card Holders (50% off set of 6). Fancy up your table with these adorable card holders that will impress any guest:

Last, but certainly not least, stop feeding your pet in that ugly plastic bowl. Check out this super adorable These Creatures Cat & Dog feeders that will brighten up any decor (30% off):

These Creatures Cat & Dog Feeder - Chrysanthemum Design

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Propylene Glycol

Here’s another one of those funky names again cropping up on your cosmetic and skin care labels: Propylene Glycol. What is it? Where is it? And should you be cautious about using products with it?

Propylene glycol is an organic alcohol that is used in everything from skin moisturizers to fragrance. However, this alcohol is very strong. According to EWG’s Skin Deep research, propylene glycol has been classified as a skin irritant. It can cause overabsorption of the skin and flare up allergic reactions. There is also a possibility of organ toxicity (but that’s in very large quantities, thought to be linked to the factory workers who deal with it every day). It can lead to urticaria, a rash on the skin, in humans. A large amount of animal testing has also been done on propylene glycol as well, so if a product uses this, they might also be testing on animals, something that definitely goes against vegan beliefs.

 The bottom line: The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel approved the use of propylene glycol in cosmetics up to 50%, though they say that some people are more sensitive than others. Information regarding propylene glycol is that it is not going to cause cancer or chronic illness, but it could cause a skin reaction. You have to wonder, however, if something is handled in factories using gloves and masks, why would you deliberately put it on your skin?

Now Hiring: Green Jobs


Today’s big news is that the U.S. Department of Labor has released the Green Economy Guide for Women, a guide that is geared toward getting women involved in the green jobs movement. Green companies are cropping up everywhere and looking for women to design, build and lead. The guide also points out that many green jobs and high pay and good benefits. Our friends at Living Green Magazine have listed seven reasons green jobs are good… especially for women:

1. Better pay

2. Any skill levels can apply

3. Diversity matters

4. Improved job satisfaction

5. All ages welcome

6. Employers are hiring

7. Tons of ways to get started

So what do you think about this initiative of the Department of Labor to target women specifically? 

World Water Day

Did you know that today is World Water Day? This year’s theme is Water and Food Security for all. Approximately one billion (that’s a seventh of the world’s population) live in poverty and chronic hunger.

So, to that end, I thought it would be helpful to know how you can conserve water every day (not just today). First, you need to assess how much water you’re wasting:

via elocal


What We’re Pinning Wednesday: Weddings

It’s no mystery that Pinterest is a perfect spot for planning your future nuptials. Plenty of women have jumped in on this trend, so we thought we would share some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding finds.

First, we have eco-friendly favors:

Have your guests plant trees as a favor.

Give guests a potted succulent.

Second, we have eco-friendly confetti:

Your guests can toss confetti without harming the ecosystem.

And last but certainly not least, an adorable hemp wedding dress:

Hemp has never looked so beautiful.