5 Ideas for Hosting a Green Bridal Shower

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Summer weddings are a popular trend.  And why not?  What better time to host a beautiful outdoor wedding or reception than now?

Of course, along with the wedding comes the bridal shower.  Fortunately, it’s easy (and increasingly more common) to host an all-green bridal shower.

How do you create a green bridal shower?

Here are 5 green ideas sure to make the bridal shower you host stand apart from all the more traditional showers.

1.  Go paper-free or recycled-paper-only: Start with the invitations! Do your part for the environment by sending out invites on recycled paper.  Then, if you’re feeling particularly daring, go ahead and make the whole shower either paper-free or recycled-paper-only.  Some ideas for implementation include serving food on organic bamboo plates instead of paper plates and not using wrapping paper for gifts.

2.  Choose a gift theme: Speaking of gifts, try making a theme of organic gifts only. The bride will be certain to receive an array of creative, unique, and eco-friendly items to kick-start her new life!

3.  Find a green location: While you’re still planning, why not complete the theme by holding the shower in a “green” location?  Although it’s often tradition to hold the party in the home of a close friend, or perhaps a hotel or restaurant, try thinking outside the box a little (and taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather) by gathering in an outdoor location—perhaps the nearest botanical garden.  This will also help you to cut down on the stress and cost of decorating; the flowers and other foliage will provide a beautiful, natural ornamentation of their own.

4.  Use eco-friendly decor: If you do choose to host the shower indoors, keep up the green theme by using organic or environmentally friendly decorations.  Light up the room with natural light or energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs.  Avoid paper decorations, and opt to use fresh flowers or real garlands instead.

5.  Give back: Finally, use the shower as an opportunity to give back.  Play games for charity—and then offer organic products, eco gifts and other environmentally-friendly items as prizes for the winners.

Do you have ideas for green events or parties?  Please share them in the comment section below.