5 Gardening How-To Information Sources

This post is the third in a series of 3 weekly posts focused on gardening resources — whether you’re a novice or avid gardener, I think you’ll find these information sources helpful. Make sure to read the other two posts in the series, Tips for Herb and Kitchen Gardening and Resources for the Novice and Expert Gardener.

Field of Sunflowers

My parent’s home has these tall, floor-to-ceiling windows all along the back of the house which make for a wonderful view of birds, flowers, alligators (yes, they live on the water), boaters – you name it. I share this with you to provide context to an email message my Mom sent me earlier this week that went like this:

“Spring must be around the corner. We have had a flock of robins feeding on popcorn seeds. Never have we had so many at one time. Love, Mom”

Mom’s right – as always.

In this third post of recommendations of great resources for novice and avid gardeners, I have 5 new suggestions for you to tap into to find all sorts of cool and inspiring information to support your gardening passions.

How-to Videos: Whether you search the internet or specifically YouTube.com for how-to videos on gardening, specific flowers & plants, you are almost guaranteed to find high-quality videos online.  Produced either professionally or by expert amateurs, the beauty of the online video experience is the ease of viewing and the price – free.  To see how this works watch this great instructional video on growing cut flowers from GardenSmartTV.com.  And, from the folks at WonderHowTo.com, choose a video from a huge selection of really good gardening videos.

Facebook: Like me you’ve probably heard that Google is the 800 pound gorilla of internet search and it’s true, however, a growing number of searches are being conducted on social networking sites like Facebook.  I was surprised to learn this and initially skeptical that Facebook posts, pages, and groups would offer anything worthwhile on say, gardening.  I’ve been proved wrong.  For example, I conducted a Facebook search on the keyword gardening and located this terrific FB page – Biodyanmic Farming and Gardening and this active FB group – Gardening.  Join in the conversation or simply read and absorb.  You’ll also want to explore the fans and links to find even more enthusiasts and informational posts. It’s amazing what you will find!

Twitter: Searches on Twitter are growing exponentially and Twitter is not just a series of posts on what one plans to eat for breakfast or the latest scores at the World Cup.  This recent New York Times Getting the Most out of Twitter article is a great primer on using Twitter for news, research, and expert advice – for gardening or for any of your other passions.

Public TV and Radio: Like libraries, public television and radio are some of my favorite sources for credible, objective, and helpful news and information.  Your local public stations likely offer gardening programs similar to Victory Garden hosted by Michael Weishan or Gardening in Georgia.  Most often, local public tv/radio programs are geared towards the local area and its unique gardening conditions.  Tune in to your public television and radio, or to one clear across the US, either throughtraditional tv and radios or go online to listen and/or watch via your computer.

iTunes: With a great diversity of programming and media, iTunesU, is full of resources – free or paid.  Conducting a search of iTunes is my recommended starting point.  From your search results you can explore podcasts, audiobooks, tv programs, andiTunesU.  You do not need an iPod/iPhone nor an Apple computer to use iTunes, however, if you do have an iPod/iPhone that supports apps, there are some neat apps for Gardeners like iPlant Reference Guide.  iTunes has such a rich offering that I highly recommend spending time searching and exploring.

The availability of high-quality resources to support your gardening passion are virtually endless.  Remember, the robins are singing and spring is just around the corner.   Explore, learn, and share.

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