3 Untraditional Wrapping Ideas for Wedding Shower Gifts

As the weather warms, the flowers bloom, and spring sets in, more and more wedding showers seem to pop up in your planner. And, most likely, you follow the same routine: consult the engaged couple’s wedding registry, purchase one of the products, and have it gift-wrapped by the store. Done.

But how do you add a personal flair to your gift—something that will make your gift stand apart from the rest of the piled-high Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware gifts that are wrapped in the same exact paper?

Here are three untraditional wrapping ideas sure to make your gift stand out from the uniform cluster of wedding shower gifts:

1. Recyclable Paper: For an eco-stylish appeal, dress your wedding shower gift in any type of recyclable paper such as newspaper or a brown bag, and then spice it up with a colorful grosgrain or silk ribbon. You can also use a white cord ribbon around the box, and attach a bundle of dried lavender to the ribbon. This adds a pop of color and a hint of delightful aroma to your gift, while staying in line with the gift’s nature-inspired wrapping.

If you want to attach a kitchenware item to your ribbon, you can do a set of salad tossers. We suggest the Core Bamboo Salad Hands, which act as extensions of fingers to ensure a controlled toss without the mess traditional salad tossers make. Not only are these salad hands the perfect accent to a salad, but they’re also the perfect accent to your wedding shower eco gift.

Salad Hands

2. Stylish Tote: Place your gift in a classic tote bag with plenty of tissue paper. The great feature about this wrapping is the bride-to-be can use it for future trips to the beach, picnics, tennis workouts, and more. Using a tote to hold your gift is also an excellent way to add color to your gift. Try purchasing a tote in the bride-to-be’s favorite color for an extra personal touch.

We love the RockFlowerPaper Pocket Totes for their unique designs, bright colors, and durability. These stylish totes can take the soon-to-be bride just about anywhere – the garden, the beach, or the gym.  Just about anywhere.

3. Decorative Box / Basket / Bowl: Use a bowl-shaped woven basket, a rustic wooden basket, or, depending on how large your gift is, a wide flower vase to hold your wedding shower gift. To hold your items within the box / basket / bowl, purchase clear wrapping and ribbon to wrap and secure the products.

We love the Recycled Magazine Bowls by Two’s Company for their eco-chic design, hints of color, classic shape, and diversity—not to mention this basket can be used again for holding fruit, makeup supplies, or anything else you can think of.